Hollywood Reporter, March 16, 2021

'Joe Bell' producer Eva Maria Daniels talks to THR about the events that led to opening up an art gallery in Switzerland and how she plans to merge her work as a film producer, art curator and budding chef.


March marks one year after the world came to a grinding halt amid a global pandemic. It's not an anniversary Eva Maria Daniels needed to have on her calendar as her life drastically changed 12 months ago for another reason. The film producer, whose credits include the upcoming Joe Bell starring Mark Wahlberg, Hold the Dark starring Jeffrey Wright, and End of Sentence with John Hawkes and Logan Lerman, was diagnosed with stage three cancer. A year later, the Iceland-born Daniels is opening up for the first time about the diagnosis, the treatment that led to being cancer-free and how the experience pushed her to fulfill a longtime dream of infusing her life with more art, more joy and a way to spend more time with her young child. 


She's accomplishing that by a new art gallery in Switzerland that honors her roots. Opening March 18 and called Diller Daniels, the space is dedicated to the work of Icelandic artists as a tribute to her home country. The inaugural exhibition, "Life in a Day," features abstract artists Sigtryggur Berg and Steingrimur Gauti and is reflective of the creative spirit of her home country. "We have this pure DNA of freedom where we can do anything because we know we’ll get away with it. It’s a special island with no limits, no boxes to fit into, wild parties, no audience, no rules to follow, and I love all that. It inspires me every day." Click here to read the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter

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