Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir Icelandic, b. 1982

Jóhanna's works are built on combinations of forms and color as visual languish that creates relationships and connections between paintings and sculptures.  There is a kind of physical rhythm and mindful frequency in her works, and based on the formal language that she uses, the works can be seen as an abstract manifestation of poetic expression where distinctive playfulness invites the viewer in and forms a conversation with the present. While her works tend to keep their palettes, every new installation brings us forward and expends the averseness of possible ways to experience.


Jóhanna's recent solo shows include “Hæg Hreyfing” at Listamenn Gallery, Reykjavík, Iceland (2021), “Langzame bewegingen” at Moonstreet, Antwerpen, Belgium (2020), “Wait a Minute” at ABC Klubhuis, Antwerpen, Belgium (2019), “Margoft við sjáum og Margoft við sjáum aftur” at Hafnaborg, Hafnafjörður, Iceland (2018), “Take on new shape, make me happy” at Souterrain Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium (2017), “Pale-Blush” at KUNSTHALLE São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil (2016), “Sculpture from a Painting and then the other side” at Listasafn ASÍ, Reykjavík, Iceland (2015), and “Introduction of a sculpture” at Trampoline Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (2015).


Jóhanna graduated with B.A from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2008, M.A in Fine Arts from KASK, Gent 2013, and is a postgraduate from HISK, Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Belgium 2015. Jóhanna lives and works in Antwerpen, Belgium, and Reykjavík, Iceland.